Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Sleepwalking

So I have these two kids. Girls ages 7 and 5 in first grade and pre-kindergarten, respectively. Normally I wake the girls in the morning and get them dressed and ready while TJ, my husband, wakes up, smokes a cigarette and takes them to school. This morning I wanted to stay in bed, so I told him we would switch roles.

Bad idea.

So the girls are dressed, I brush their hair, they get their socks and shoes on, and TJ tosses me the keys. I don't see a point in putting on clothes, so I walk them to the car in my housecoat. I get halfway to the car with them and tell them to get in the car while I run back in to grab a cigarette for the ride home. I rush back to the car, jump in, and head off to school. Adia (the first grader) and I are gabbing the whole way. We get on the street of the school and I say, "Bailey, you've been really quiet, are you still awake? Bailey? Bailey?" and turn around and she's not there. So I make a u-turn and rush back to the house to get her. She's happily playing with our puppy, Sadie. She told TJ that our car was stolen. He, of course, figured out what had happened.

I have no idea where she was when I was walking to the car. She wasn't in the street, I didn't pass her in the apartment, and she didn't see me leave.I finally got them to school without further incident, but damn if I'm going to be driving them ever again without checking first that they're both there. I must have been sleepwalking/driving.


  1. LMAO...sorry AM, but that's really kind of funny. Sort of been there and done that. My kids have a list of my not to be nominated for "mother of year" awards.

  2. That's probably the funniest thing I've read all day! Keep up the good work!