Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

I wake up to a beautiful mother's day card and gift from my husband and children. The card was the type that you record a saying and then it plays a song, in this case it was "Lean on Me," which I absolutely love. The gift wasn't half bad either, they bought me an HD handheld camcorder. I can't wait to have some new home movies! Then we had to head over to my sister in law's home to see my mother in law and father in law off. They left practically as soon as we got there. So, since it was 100 degrees outside (almost) we decided to go walk about the mall. I teased my husband a bit about not going to any "adult" stores, since his clothing retailers are the ones that also offer Twilight buttons and hair dye or wallets on chains next to the cash register. I think he is trying really hard to hold on to his youth, but doesn't want to admit yet that he has a problem. Then we come across a kioske that stops him dead in his tracks. It's hawking electronic "smoke anywhere" cigarettes. So we stop to hear the schpeel of the craftsman running the booth. We are impressed, even sampling one of them, but then we hear the price. You aren't getting one of those bad boys home unless you're willing to drop 175 bucks. So we say thank you and walk away. End of story, right? Wrong. We leave the mall, talk about how neat the smoke anywhere cigarettes were, stop for lunch, and the farther we get from the mall, the more sullen my husband becomes. In Target he couldn't even give me an intelligible opinion on toilet tissue. The man is 29 years old and can obsess to rival a teenage girl. We finally get home and he's not even talking to me anymore. He heads straight to the computer to read customer reviews of the cigarettes, which apparently only made him want them more. So finally I threw money at him, told him he had 20 minutes until the mall closed, and good luck to you. Now we'll see if he comes back happy so I can finally enjoy my mother's day.

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